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General ConditionsLanguage Courses abroad 2016, General Conditions


1. Booking
Once the enrollment form has been received, duly completed, signed by the parents or legal guardians of the student (if under 18 years of age), the process to reserve the course and selected accommodation will begin. A deposit of at least € 200 must be paid within 7 days after receiving the confirmation / invoice. The total amount of the course and accommodation should be payed 6 weeks before the start of the course.
In the event of a last-minute booking, the complete payment should be made when you send off the enrollment. In the event that the total amount of the course and accommodation exceed 2000 €, the deposit paid will be 10% of the total amount.
Language-In Study and Go reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of a course and accommodation, if the payment has not been received by the agreed deadlines.
You can pay by bank transfer, with credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or in cash.

2. Cancellation
Any cancellation means the loss of the deposit, which must be paid in any case still if it has not been paid within the period of 7 calendar days from receipt of the invoice.
Language-In Study and Go only accepts the cancellation of a course by the relevant student in writing, before the start of the course at the following address: Language-In Study and Go S.L. C/Reino de León, 10, 29018, Málaga. The cancellation date will be the date when the company receive the information.
- Once the course starts, there will be no refund.
- If the cancellation is received between 2 and 4 weeks before departure, 50% of the amount will be refunded.
- If the cancellation is received 2 weeks before departure, 25% will be refunded.
- If the cancellation is received between 1 week and the day before departure: there will be no refund.
The unanticipated return of a student to his/her home country for whatever reason, even with the authorisation of his/her parents or guardians, is considered as dropping out of the course and the student will lose the amount payed for the course.
Once the course has started there is no refund for course and accommodation.

3. Course
The courses normally take place from Monday to Friday. If one Monday there is a bank holiday, the course begins on the Tuesday.
The duration of a class depends on the school, but they normally last between 45 and 60 minutes, it is specified on our website.
The test to find out your level in the target language usually takes place the first Monday of the course, therefore there is an opportunity to miss the first 2 classes and occasionally the entire day (if there are a lot of students arriving).

5. Bank holiday
There will be no refunds nor will the schools make up for classes on the days when they are closed for bank holidays. Consult our website for information on which days are bank holidays, it is the responsibility of the student to check such days.

6. Accommodation
the booked accommodation counts from the Sunday before the course begins until the Saturday after the last day of the course.
In the event that the student damages the property, he/she will have to pay for the damages directly to the school.

7. Changes by the student
If the client wishes to make changes in the booking regarding dates, type of course or accommodation before the course starts, it is possible for an addicional cost of 50 €. In the event that another person takes the course instead of the student that booked the course, it is possible for an additional cost of 100 € for the same services that were first booked.

8. Changes by Language-In Study and Go
Language-In Study and Go reserves the right to alter the services, as long as there are justifiable reasons, such as not having the minimum amount of participants necessary, impossibility to find places or Force Majeure. In this case, the student will have the right to a total refund of everything payed. If a part of the course has not been able to be completed, the student will have the right to a refund of said part only. The student will be notified of any changes before the departure.

9. Accuracy of the information provided
Despite the efforts made to ensure that the information supplied on the website is as accurate as possible, Language-in Study and Go is not responsible for errors or omissions of information. In all cases, our organization receives the information that we provide from our partner schools, which have total freedom to make changes at any time. Therefore, we ask that you ask about any details as it considers of particular importance prior to conducting the reservation.

10. Review of prices
Language-In Study and Go reserves the right to modify the prices of the services depending on the increases of applicable taxes in the national law, as a consequence of the fluctuation of currencies, or other factors out of our control. The student will be informed by e-mail at least 4 weeks before departure and has the right to cancel the course or change destination without any additional cost. All of our prices have been calculated in Euros and include VAT.

11. Responsibilities of Language-In Study and Go
Language-In Study and Go acts solely as an intermediary between the school that offers the course and the student that takes it.
Language-In Study and Go will not be responsible for the lack or bad organisation of the services if this is due to the acts of the customer or unforeseeable or inevitable events that are beyond the control of the company´s suppliers, including Force Majeure, such as war, popular uprisings, strikes, natural catastrophes or any other event out of our control. In the event of an emergency and/or not being able to find the parents, they agree with Language-In Study and Go, the foreign organisations providing the courses, their employees and employers, the supervisors and the family or famillies which the students under 18 years of age live with, the power to take them to hospital or any institution for whatever sort of medical assistance or medical treatment or if there is no available hospital, put them in the care of a local doctor who can treat them, the power to act like legal guardians and “in loco parentis” in any situation, especially in medical emergencies and other emergencies of this type, including surgical procedures, the power to return the student to his/her home country at his/her own cost or that of the parents or legal guardians in order to undergo medical treatment, after consultation with the medical authorities.

12. Complaints
We suggest that if the student has any complaint about the course, accommodation or anything else, he/she speaks directly with the school during the first few days, as problems can normally be resolved directly at the school. In the event that a complaint can not be resolved, get into contact with us, so that we can find a quick solution. Complaints received after the course has finished will not be taken into account.

13. Expulsion and rules for shared accommodation
In the event that the student breaks the behaviour rules established by our participating schools, there will first be a caution, and if the misconduct persists we reserve the right to expel the student. If the student breaks the rules concerning taking drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking, robbery, major or minor offences, the student will be sent back immediately to his/her home country. All the supplementary costs will be the responsibility of the student or their parents. There will be no refund for the unused services. The student or their legal guardians are responsible for any damage that may be produced during his/her stay and also the conduct of the under 18 year old, however this responsibility does not mean they can charge Language-In Study and Go nor the corresponding school.

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